Surfing Lessons At Fistral Beach

Experience surfing at the Home of British Surfing 

If you’re looking to get in the surf, look no further than Fistral Beach Surf School.

Located on the iconic Fistral Beach in Cornwall, our school offers unparalleled surfing lessons tailored to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or aiming to refine your technique, our experienced instructors provide expert guidance in a safe and supportive environment. With a focus on both skill development and enjoyment.

Surfing Lessons at Fistral Beach Surf School

  • Unbeatable Location Right on Fistral Beach.
  • Open Year-Round for Surfing Fun.
  • Equipment Included with Every Lesson.
  • Coaching Weekends & Kids Clubs Surf Fun for Everyone.
  • Beginner to Advanced Surf Coaching Available.
  • Changing Rooms & Hot Showers Included to Keep You Comfortable.

Tailored to individual abilities and ages

  • Suitable for all abilities: beginners to advanced surfers.
  • For 5 years & above.
  • Personalised instruction: instructors focus solely on your progress and tailor the lesson to your skill level and goals.
  • Customised feedback: receive detailed feedback and analysis of your surfing, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your skills efficiently.
Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

The perfect introduction to surfing

  • Basics of surfing with our beginner group lessons.
  • Designed for individuals 8 years and older, our beginner group surfing lessons provide a safe and enjoyable environment to learn.
  • Available year-round, start your surfing journey whenever suits you best.
  • Gain valuable insights from our experienced coaches, who are dedicated to helping you master the fundamentals of surfing.
  • Ready to get started? Explore more about our Beginner Group Lessons
Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

Build your skill & board control

  • Enhance your abilities and strengthen your board control.
  • Build on the intricacies of board control.
  • Transitioning from mastering the pop-up to focusing on board control and the introduction of turning techniques.
  • Tailored for participants 8 years and older, our lessons ensure age-appropriate learning and progression.
  • Explore our options for Improver Group Lessons and Improver Plus Group Lessons to take your surfing skills to the next level.
Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

Ready to advance your surfing journey?

  • Hone your skills and develop precise board control with our intermediate-level lessons.
  • Explore basic maneuvers and techniques to elevate your surfing abilities.
  • Delve into wave analysis and learn to identify the optimal approach for riding each wave.
  • Choose from our intermediate group lessons or opt for the personalised attention of intermediate private lessons.
Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

Join us for an unforgettable surf course

Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

Kids Surfing Lessons

Lessons available for 5 years & above

Surfing Lessons Fistral Beach

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Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Available all year


Min age 8 years old

Max coaching ratio 1:8

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Available all year


Min age 5 years old

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Surf Days & Weekends

Unbeatable Location on Fistral Beach

Choose The Best Surfing Lessons at Fistral Beach

Fistral is the Home of British Surfing and for a good reason. As the host of many international and national surfing events, the waves at Fistral Beach are extrememly consistent. Surfing at Fistral Beach offers you an a chance to experience some of the best waves in the UK.

At Fistral Beach Surf School, our focus is on making sure everyone gets to experience the joy of surfing and being in the water. At the heart of everything we deliver our passion about being in the water, and coaching other’s to allow them to enjoy the water and progress their own abilities.

Our surfing lessons on Fistral Beach are designed to maximise on your water time and leave you knowing you have made progress, along with feeling confident about the steps you need to take to keep progressing.

Enjoy The Location

Fistral is the Home of British Surfing, and for a very good reason! We get to enjoy consistent surf throughout the year, and see some of the world’s best surfer’s battle it out in a number of surfing contests throughout the year. Being based on the sands of Fistral Beach brings many benefits; from only needing to wander down to the water’s edge with the equipment, to being able to assess the conditions prior to all lessons making sure equipment selection is always an informed decision.

Not only does being based on the beach mean that everyone can make the most of their lesson time, it also makes us very easy to find- and leaves you spolit for choices for where to enjoy your well deserved post surf meal!

Have The Right Equipment

At Fistral Beach Surf School & Hire we have the UK’s largest dedicated selection of surf hire equipment. With surfboard’s for all ages and abilities we truly have got your needs covered. Whether you have a micro-grom who has got in to surfing or you are looking for a performance longboard we can match you up with the correct surfing equipment.

We aren’t short of neoprene either! With a huge selection of winter, summer and shortie wetsuit’s we can size you up with the correct fitting suit when you arrive at the beach. No one need worry about getting cold as we have every accessory you could need from thermal rashvests to boots, gloves and hoods.

Experienced Instructor’s

Not only do we pride ourselves on the experience of our coaches but also their genuine love for the sport. As a certified School of Excellence all of our instructor’s are fully qualified beach lifeguard’s and have completed the International Surfing Association (ISA) training.

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Contact Us

Send us a message and we will take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your amazing adventure.


    Some of the top questions on surfing with us.

    Once you have decided what type of lesson you would like and when you are looking to surf you can book this over the phone, online or in person.

    The minimum age varies between 5 or 8 years old depending on what lesson you are booking.

    • The minimum age on standard group surfing lessons is 8 years old.
    • During the summer on our kids only group lessons we have groups for ages: 8-12 and 12-16.
    • Private lessons the minimum age is 5 years old
    • Micro-grom lessons in the summer are for 5-8 year olds.

    Once guarantee of surfing is you are going to get wet! Surfing is a sport you are able to do in most weather conditions. We always keep a close eye on the weather and surf forecast. If we ever needed to cancel due to adverse weather conditions then we would offer a refund, to reschedule the lesson or a gift voucher.

    Surfing exists for the pure enjoyment of it; the main aim of the game is to have a good time. It is a physical sport and requires a basic level of fitness, however, every movement can be broken down and changed as needed, that is what you coach is there to help with! When you are in the water everyone works at their own pace and can catch as many, or as few waves as they like.


    In your surfing lesson all equipment is always included. Once you have had a lesson with us you receive discounted hire rates, whether this is straight after your lesson or for the days following your lesson.