What to Expect from Improver Surfing Lessons

Improver surfing lessons are designed for those who have already had some experience on a board and are looking to build on their skills. These lessons typically focus on developing technique, building confidence, and exploring more challenging waves.

In our improver surfing lessons, your instructor will assess your current level of ability and identify areas where you can improve.

One of the main goals of improver lessons is to help you build your confidence in the water. This might involve practicing getting up on your board more quickly or paddling more. Your instructor will also help you to understand the different types of waves and how to read them, which is an essential skill for any surfer.

Improving your technique is another key focus of improver surfing lessons. This might involve refining your stance on the board, adjusting your weight distribution, or learning new manoeuvres like turns. Your instructor will give you feedback on your technique and help you to adjust where necessary.

Improver Surfing Lessons

Type of Improver Surfing Lessons

Private Surfing Lessons

  • Suitable for all abilties
  • Your booking and the instructor
  • 2 hours including use of all equipment
  • Completely tailor the lesson to your ability

Improver Group Lessons

  • Looking to introduce more board control and turning
  • Maximum of 8 people in a group
  • 2 hours including use of all equipment
  • Refining techniques & improving surfing knowledge

Improver Plus Lessons

  • Maximum of 6 people in a group
  • 2 hours including use of all equipment
  • Introducing green waves & new techniques
  • minimum 13 years old

Green Waves Weekend

  • A weekend focused on improving technique
  • Catching green waves & looking at board control
  • Inlcuding use of all equipment
  • Video analysis & lots of feedback


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