Improver Surfboard Hire

More responsive than beginner surfboards, allowing you to start turning with ease. A perfect step between foam and hard surfboards.!

Improver surfboards are good to progress onto once you are consistently standing up and riding the wave in on a foamie. We have a huge range of improver surfboards, starting from 8ft down to fun 5’8ft fun boards.

Key features of an Improver surfboard.

  • Narrower nose and tail.
  • Reduced thickness in the rails.
  • More solid construction with a thinner foam layer on top.
  • Loads of different surfboard options at this level.

Fistral Beach Surf School Top Tip: While progressing to the next level of surfboard, it is usually a great idea to keep to a similar length. Instead, change up the other dimensions and the board’s construction.

Fistral beach is the home of British surfing so what better place to learn? We’ve been operating for over 20 years and have a strong dedicated team with a wealth of knowledge. If you’re looking to rent wetsuits, boards or anything surf related you cannot be in safer hands.

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Q. What size Should i use if im just coming off a beginner board?

A. Using the same size board as as you did on a beginner board or a little  bit longer should work well for you on the improver range.

Q. When should I move onto an improver surfboard?

A. Our advice is, once you have around an 80% pop-up success rate on a beginner surfboard you are ready to move onto the improver. 

Q. How long should I stay on an improver surfboard before moving onto a hard board?

A. The improver board is so versitile it can take you quite far into your surf journey. Before you move onto a hard board you shouls be able to take off under control on unbroken waves.