Surfing is an exciting and adrenaline-fueled activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. However, there are certain tips and techniques that every surfer should keep in mind to ensure a successful and safe surfing experience.

When going through our tip for beginner surfers remember to apply them however suits you best, whether you focus on one or multiple tips, most importantly enjoy your surf and always remember the progress being made.

In this post, we will be discussing our 7 top tips for beginner surfers.

  1. Choose the right board: Selecting the right surfboard is essential because it will affect your performance on the waves. As a beginner, it’s best to get a large and stable board to help you balance and paddle effectively. More experienced surfers usually choose a smaller board for better maneuverability.

  2. Take your time: as a beginner surfer you will often have a lot more time than you think you do. Take time to breathe and allow yourself to catch waves and work through movements steadily.
  3. Paddle correctly: Paddling is an essential part of surfing, and it’s essential to do it correctly to conserve your energy. Use your hands to paddle, ensuring that they reach deep into the water and pull back smoothly close to your board to push forward.

  4. Positioning: To catch a wave, and maintain control you need to be correctly positioned on the board. Too far forward and your will end up nose-diving, and too far back you will essentially have the breaks on.

  5. Practice your pop-up: Your pop-up is how you’ll get onto your feet when you manage to catch a wave. It’s essential to practice this on land to ensure that you’re comfortable with the motion and balance to do it confidently.

  6. Watch out for other surfers: Always be aware of the other surfers around you. Surfing etiquettes require that you don’t take all the waves, and give other surfers a chance to catch waves will help everyone have a great time.

  7. Respect nature: Mother Nature is unpredictable, so you must respect its power. Know what the forecast is doing, this includes the weather, surf and tides. Find out what beaches have a RNLI lifeguard patrol.

Surfing is a rewarding and challenging sport that takes time and practice to master. As a beginner, it’s important to choose the right surfboard, practice your technique, watch the waves, start small, be patient, learn from others, and stay safe. With these tips and tricks, you can improve your skills and become a confident surfer in no time. Happy surfing!


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