Surfing is unique to any other sport; it offers up a way of like that is truly special. It helps us discover ourselves and challenges us. For some people it is a way of life and for others it is simply a hobby. There are plenty of reasons to love surfing, certainly more than five! However, we want to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on our five things we love about surfing.

Offers a Unique Lifestyle

One of the main attractions to surfing is that it comes with a lifestyle. You spend your days at the beach from sunset to sunrise waiting for that perfect wave. It’s a life of good times, dreamy views and like-minded company. You really won’t find a lifestyle like it, especially in the UK.

It Keeps You Fit & Healthy

Battling nature and taming the ocean is no easy feat and it comes as no surprise that surfing is a very physical sport. However, due to its intense nature it keeps one incredibly fit and healthy. Taking on the waves will keep your body at optimal strength and will have you ready to conquer anything.

That Feeling Of Riding A Wave

The phrase “Only a surfer knows that feeling” is very poignant. The sensation you receive from surfing is hard to explain to someone who has never felt the rush of riding the waves.


Surfing is not only great for your body but also your mind. It acts as a brilliant way to unwind, washing your worries and woes off. Some doctors have even been prescribing it as medicine for people struggling with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.


Surfers are on a constant journey to find that perfect wave, most of the time that wave is in a tropical paradise. The search will allow you to travel the world, looking for that dream wave. A surfing holiday is unlike any other, following the swell around unique and beautiful locations.

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