Intermediate surf lessons focuses on manoeuvres along the wave


You should be able to get out back at this stage and may already have some of your own equipment

In the 2 hour lesson we will go over different techniques and manouvres.

By this stage the focus has moved heavily onto your timing when surfing the wave and manoeuvres you would like to be able to complete on the wave.

With more advanced theory being brought in alongside fitness & health advice.

You would be happy paddling out in the appropriate conditions.

Video analysis can be used from this point onwards to illustrate performance with the Intermediate Surfers Lessons.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Shredder Sessions

Wednesday’s in July & August

Throughout July & August we are having shredder sessions on Wednesday’s. Lasting for the day a maximum of 6 people will be with one of our experienced surf coaches for 2 water sessions and some beach theory.

The days are aimed at those who know the fundamentals of surfing and are either looking to start paddling out or have just started paddling out. Focusing on catching the wave earlier, improving paddle position, learning how to choose where to paddle out and when, alongside board control and turning. Each surfer can leave the day with lots to work on!

In your small group of 6 you will have two water sessions and a theory session. Each surfer will have plenty of time to identify the areas that they want to work and improve.


Feel free to get in touch with any questions that you may have.