Did you know the 22nd of March is World Water Day?

Water Day primarily focuses on access to clean water and adequate sanitation but it also looks at a number of water-related issues impacting the wider community.

This greatly impacts all that use the sea, whether it’s to surf and swim, or for the people who fish and utilise the sea in a way to work their businesses too.

Here at Fistral Beach it goes a bit further than that, with the focus being on keeping our beautiful beach, (and surrounding beaches) clean and safe for all, by each doing our bit where we can.

Beach cleaning has been going on for years here, whether it has been an organised group, or more recently a lot more individuals using their daily exercise time to play their part too. There is also a social media page for where we can see whats going on @fistralbeachclean 

Fistral also has many bin and litter drop off points, and as the saying goes ‘leave only footprints’ and we can enjoy this beautiful sandy shores, thriving rock pools and its clean seas for many more years to come.

For more on this check out the hashtag #WorldWaterDay