It’s no secret that surfing is a challenging yet brilliantly fun activity for adults and children alike. For some people surfing is something that is done during the summer holidays and for others it becomes their very existence, surfing no matter the season. Whatever surfer you are you can guarantee they started their journey at a surf school.

A surf school is the perfect place to start building your confidence in surfing, yourself and the sport. They are the place where you will learn the beginning fundamentals to surfing as well as somewhere you can build and develop your wave riding skills. You can experience and develop surfing in a controlled, comfortable fashion meaning you get maximum fun and safety.

A surf lesson is a fantastic way to ease yourself into the magnificent sport of surfing. It allows you to get a real taste before your commit to purchasing all the gear. You will also have a professional surf instructor at your side who can guide you through the experience, inform you of surf etiquette and ensure you are safe.

Here at Fistral Beach Surf School we have over 20 years of experience and we’re committed to creating a fun, safe and fruitful experience. In your lesson we provide you with all the necessary equipment you need to learn to surf, this includes wetsuit and board! We also have changing room facilities with lockers and hot showers. Our aim is to provide the ultimate surf experience that has enjoyment at its very core.

  • Learn the basics of surfing.

  • Meet like minded people.

  • Learn to surf in total safety.

  • Learn from fully qualified surf instructors and beach lifeguards.

  • Build and develop your wave riding skills.

  • Have heaps of fun whilst surfing.

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