Fistral Beach is the undisputed home of British Surfing and is steeped in rich surfing history! Even to this day it is a world famous surf spot that attracts people from all over the world. Each year this is celebrated with the world famous Boardmasters Festival, a week of world-class surfing and live music. But what is it that makes Fistral so famous? Why do people flock here to take on its fun waves? Hopefully within this blog post we can answer those questions!


One of the key reasons that Fistral has become a surfing hub is the consistency of it’s waves, there are very few flat spells. Due to the size of the beach and bay there is a variety of places and wave types to surf. The south side of the beach is often calmer and more sheltered, making the waves generally more mellow. If we head to the north side of the beach you are greeted with peeling right handers, this is generally where the intermediate-advanced surfers shred it up. It’s advised you avoid here unless you are a competent surfer, it’s a spectacle to watch though!


The facilities at Fistral Beach are second to none. You have everything you need at the International Surfing Centre, from surf hire, takeaway food, restaurants, shower facilities and surf shops. There is also a large Pay & Display car park located next to the beach, everything is designed to make your surf trip as cruisy as possible.

Natural Beauty 

Not only is Fistral Beach a world-class surfing spot it’s also an area of outstanding beauty. As you take on the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean you are surrounded by beautiful coastline. The sand dunes nestle themselves between two rugged headlands that look out to the horizon, ocean as far as the eye can see. It’s truly a special place to surf and an area of exceptional beauty.


Fistral Beach and the surrounding area is steeped in rich surfing history, it’s a prestigious place to surf. It was one of the first beaches to be surfed during the sixties and since then has become one of the worlds most popular surfing destinations. Each year the infamous Boardmasters competition is held on the North part of the beach, where some of the worlds best meet to battle it out! Who knows, maybe you could find yourself surfing with the big names?!

Location Of The Surf School

The Fistral Beach Surf School is the only surf school actually located at Fistral Beach. The unique location of being so close to the waves means conditions can be assessed in real time. Meaning that lessons times have been carefully selected to ensure the best possible conditions. Unlike other schools it also allows for minimal carrying and walking, allowing for more time surfing!