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The NSP Surfboard is for an intermediate surfer

Who is looking to progress onto a “hard board” or has recently begun riding hard surfboards

The Nsp Is The “novice” Hard Board And Is A Very Strong, Reliable Surf Board.

The Fistral Beach Surf Hire Centre stocks a wide array of different NSP shapes, all of which have plenty of volume.

After moving off a foamie or a 50/50 surfboard, when you first hire the NSP the normal first choice is 7’10” or 8’6″.

They can be used in a variety of wave conditions but ride best in small, clean conditions.

A classic introductory hardboard for intermediate surfers.

Less forgiving than the foamie or Sunset surfboard.

The NSP is not to be ridden up the sand, as this can damage the board/fins.

NSP’s are a great stepping stone surfboard on the way to getting a fiberglass surfboard.

They do not damage as easily as a fiberglass board, and due to their construction and shape have a much lower volume in comparison to beginner surfboards.

The reduction in volume makes a huge difference when surfing, this means that the board is much more responsive to any changes in weight distribution.

The means that you can get better turns with these boards- but also means that they are not as forgiving if you make a mistake!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions that you may have.