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The NSP Surf board is for an intermediate surfer

Who is looking to progress onto a “hard board” or has recently begun riding hard surfboards

The Nsp Is The “novice” Hard Board And Is A Very Strong, Reliable Surf Board.

NSP Surfboard Hire Newquay

The NSP is available for hire at Fistral Beach in many different shapes with plenty of volume.

After moving off a foamie or a 50/50 surfboard, when you first hire the NSP the normal first choice is 7’10” or 8’6″.

They can be used in a variety of wave conditions from 1-2 meters clean surf to white water reforms.

A classic introductory hardboard for intermediate surfers.

More care needs to be taken with surfboards as you progress off foamies.

The NSP is not to be ridden up the sand, as this can damage the board/fins.

NSP’s are a great stepping stone surfboard on the way to getting a fiberglass surfboard.

They do not damage as easily as a fiberglass board, and due to their construction and shape have a much lower volume in comparison to beginner surfboards.

The reduction in volume makes a huge difference when surfing, this means that the board is much more responsive to any changes in weight distribution.

The means that you can get better turns with these boards- but also means that they are not as forgiving if you make a mistake!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions that you may have.