Improver surfboards generally have a slightly tougher construction and lower volume.

More responsive than foam surfboards, they will turn easier. A good step between foam and hardboards.

Improver Surfboards

These boards are the next logical step on from beginner foam boards; they have more maneuverability, and because of their thinner shape tend to be faster.

Improver surfboards are good to progress onto once you are consistently standing up and riding the wave in on a foamie.

Improver surfboards are narrower at their nose and tail, reducing their volume and making them more responsive (and slightly less forgiving!).

The construction of an improver surfboard is normally a hard or slick bottom, with a thin layer of foam on the top (deck) of the surfboard.

When progressing with surfboards it is very beneficial keep to a similar length surfboard, but change the construction and volume of the board. Once you are successfully surfing this then think about changing the length of the board.

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