Intermediate surf lessons focuses on manoeuvres along the wave

You should be able to get out back at this stage and may already have some of your own equipment

In the 2 hour lesson we will go over different techniques and manouvres.

By this stage the focus has moved heavily onto your timing when surfing the wave and manoeuvres you would like to be able to complete on the wave.

With more advanced theory being brought in alongside fitness & health advice.

You would be happy paddling out in the appropriate conditions.

It’s suggested if you are at this level that you should book a private lesson, this way you can set your own goals and work with your coach to achieve them.

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Intermediate Surf Lessons

White Water To green Waves Weekend

Across three weekends throughout the year

Do you feel your surfing has reached a plateau? Want to progress and reach that next level? The White Water To Green Waves Weekend is the perfect chance to do so. These weekends have been designed to create a bespoke experience that will help you gain confidence in your surfing and push yourself to get to the next level. Across the two days you will receive professional tuition, photography, video analysis, small groups & much more.


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