Intermediate surf lessons focuses on manoeuvres along the wave


You should be able to get out back at this stage and may already have some of your own equipment

In the 2 hour lesson we will go over different techniques and manouvres.

By this stage the focus has moved heavily onto your timing when surfing the wave and manoeuvres you would like to be able to complete on the wave.

With more advanced theory being brought in alongside fitness & health advice.

You would be happy paddling out in the appropriate conditions.

Video analysis can be used from this point onwards to illustrate performance with the Intermediate Surfers Lessons.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Intermediate Coaching Days 2017

Dates Available: 13th May,14th May, 24th June, 25th June, 23rd September or 24th September

Join one of our intermediate specific days in 2017 and cover specifics to your surfing

The day consists of a small group of surfers with 2 highly experienced and qualified surf coaches.

A water session in the morning with video footage taken and individual feedback provided by the coaches.

Video analysis of everyone’s surfing explaining improvements which could be made and practices to implement them.

With more advanced theory alongside fitness & health advice. Looking at individual aims and setting goals to achieve them.

There are also advanced days available, simply get in touch to find out more information relevant to your ability level.


£95pp Intermediate Day

Dates Available: 13th May, 14th May, 24th June, 25th June, 23rd September or 24th September

Feel free to get in touch with any questions that you may have.